Established in Sep., 2011, with registered capital CNY98.76M, Jiangsu Junqi Bio-technology Co.,Ltd Is the first hi-tech company who produces plant protein, plant polysaccharide and cold drawn plant oil by aqueous enzymatic extraction. Our duty is based on food safety to focuse nutrition and fitness for health-China.
Aqueous enzymatic extraction is a key research and development project in national 863 program and 12th Five-year plan. After 33 years continuous research by scientists from Jiangnan University, this technology has finally successfully come to industrial production step. On year 2015, Junqi cooperated with Jiangnan University to build aqueous enzymatic extraction production line for plant oil, plant protein peptide and plant polysaccharide. At present, Junqi has the biggest production capacity for peanut peptide and cold drawn peanut oil, products have certified by FSSC22000, ISO22000and ISO9001. In year 2014 Junqi was awarded as leading corporation of agriculture by Nantong City. In year 2015, Junqi was awarded as private-owned hi-tech corporation by Jiangsu province. We established graduate work station of Jiangsu province, we are functional foods R&D base of Jiangnan University.
Junqi has established R&D team of over 20 persons including one doctor and four postgraduates. We have 17 patents including 2 patents of invention and 15 patents for utility models.
"Health China 2030" has already designed blueprint about how to establish health China. Junqi will devoting ourselves by this blueprint to deeply research and develop healthy & safety plant protein & plant oil, keeping our techincal advantages for company upgrade. Efforting on building Junqi to be the leader in the agriculture processing area, especially on plant protein and plant oil production.




       Team, just as its name implies is a united organization, we have a common interest, goals and pursue, and condensed into a rope, this rope joint all together of the workers. Members of the team, they have different advantages, knowledge, ability, but can have a clear division of responsibilities in the same task at the same time, also can foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, brainstorming, inspire each other, strengthen the ability to produce results, the competitive advantage of enterprises and therefore, the most important still is an enterprise employees and employees together is a team.
A business that attracts people is bound to be attracted to people who are enthusiastic and enthusiastic and have a strong sense of identity and belonging. While we are leaving the country, we can also feel the warmth of our home, which is the management of our modern enterprises, and we are no exception. Although the enterprise management team spirit is strong, but also the soft and hard work, soft management and hard management want to combine. So junqi grain oil can have today's development, thanks to all the employees of the enterprise.
Jung rev creatures to human emotion, belonging, social, on the premise of respect and self-realization psychological need, is committed to create a top managers combined with the employee participation in decision-making, improve the progress of decision-making, and implicit cooperation to achieve management and lower level employees, efficient work efficiency.
The state law, military discipline and family rule. As the saying goes, there is no rule without rules. If a company does not have a single regulation, it is a fragmented process. So the company also considers the management system while also taking into account the human management, which makes the enterprise staff feel a great sense of belonging. In this case, we all have the same goal: to keep innovating, to keep pace with The Times, and to grow with the company. Both the management and assembly line, as well as in a clear division of responsibilities between the employees and the harmonious cooperation and mutual dependence, in the interests of the team, the company's interests is given priority to, the interests of the individual is complementary, realize high quality management team.
At the same time the company set a reasonable human performance incentive system, people are inert, are also has interests pursuit, capitalists pursuit is pure profit, no profit beyond into business; Naturally, it takes motivation to drive every team member forward. So the enterprise established a set of perfect incentive system, it includes material rewards and also contains spiritual reward, not only can satisfy the needs of each member's different, but also the main point of driven members. Jung and biological leader, highly recognized leader, an enterprise is not a person, but to a position, where he concerns the interests of all, including his employees, even the enterprise each consumer, so a high cognitive leadership is also one of the reasons for the continuous development of enterprises.
In the company's management team, the manager and the team to cooperate with each other, a concerted effort to form a high quality team of enterprise, jung will also therefore much more powerful, also hope to have the ability to attend to our this big family, great team.

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